A family in Vaughan is celebrating after their beloved puppy Dwaeji (nickname Blu) was finally returned into their arms. Vaughan Animal Services (VAS) found Dwaeji after he slipped through an open door of the family’s home back in mid-October, the owner Tommy Chang told CBC News. But, what happened next became a nightmare for the family as they fought to get their little pup back from the shelter.

Because Ontarians are banned from owning pit bulls under the province’s Dog Owners Liability Act, Chang was told that VAS had to perform a DNA test on Dwaeji to determine his exact breed.

Chang said that Dwaeji is an American Pocket Bully and even had documentation to prove it, insisting that the dog doesn’t have an aggressive bone in his body. He was just 12 weeks old when he was picked up by VAS.

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The ordeal was especially stressful for Chang’s wife and kids, who were sick with worry about Dwaeji. They fought hard to get their puppy back, even protesting with custom-made sweatshirts outside of Queen’s Park with a group of supporters and advocates.

Thanks to the loud support and additional help from an animal rescue sanctuary taking up the issue with Premier Ford, Chang’s family finally got their little buddy back.

Chang live-streamed the emotional reunion on Facebook, his family chanting “Blu is free!” as they give their furry friend some love. Dwaeji was definitely feeling the love too, giving kisses and wagging his tail. Nothing like a heartwarming story about a dog and its family to lift our spirits!