We thought that it was only our inner circle that drunkenly rated the bathrooms in unfamiliar bars and restaurants. Turns out, we share our passion for sink depth and tiling with Northern company, Cintas Inc. Now, they’re encouraging you the public to get in on the fun. The polls are open, little tinklers. It’s time for you to vote for Canada’s best restrooms!

canada's best restrooms

Five nominees from coast to coast were judged and chosen based on their cleanliness and visual appeal; innovation, functionality and unique design elements.

Bicycle Thief in Nova Scotia, Calgary’s Hawthorn Dining Room, and Wetaskiwin RV Park in Alberta all got on there. As well as Leña Restaurante and the Yorkdale Shopping Centre in Toronto to round out the top five list of Canada’s best restrooms.

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“This contest recognizes the growing number of companies that are going the extra mile to provide clean, well-maintained washrooms,” said Sonia Mendes, Senior Marketing Manager, Cintas Canada.

The loo that receives the most votes will win $2,500 in facility services and cleaning from Cintas to help maintain their fancy award-winning bathroom. The contest will remain open until August 14th, so get out there and cast your vote on Canada’s best restrooms!