With things slowly reopening in Canada, many people have been looking forward to getting back to concert-going. But one beloved British pop star won’t be gracing Canada with his presence this year. That’s right, folks, Mr. Harry Styles himself canceled his 2020 Canadian concerts. Big bummer!

As we’re sure everyone and their mother knows, Mr. Styles was a part of One Direction. Now he’s just doing his own thing and has remained just as popular, if not more. But now it’s looking like he might not be the hottest when it comes to Canadian fans. People are understandably angry that he’s canceling his Canadian concerts after nearly two years.

Originally, Styles would have been in Vancouver on August 16th, Toronto on September 28th and 29th, and Montreal on October 20th.

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Harry Styles record label Columbia recently stated that an international tour just isn’t possible due to COVID-19 restrictions. While we’re sure the cancellation is about safety and laws fans still had some pretty funny things to say about the whole ordeal.

C’est la vie folks, we’ll wait another year to see what the pop star has planned for Canada. Who knows, when the time comes, his fans might just not let him in.