Whether you’re eating a burger, a salad, or maybe even some crackers, condiments are key. But they can also be a bit of a contentious subject as everyone has their preferences. Are you wondering what Canada’s favorite condiment is? Get ready because the answer might just surprise you.

Wondering how the heck the data was gathered? Basically, money.co.uk took a look at search data in 35 of the world’s wealthiest countries. This allowed them to analyze 43 condiments and also 55 condiment brands from around the world leaving us with some pretty interesting info.

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Photo via www.money.co.uk

Can you believe it? Canada’s fave is guacamole! Okay but honestly this does make a lot of sense, it’s hard not to love this delicious dip. Clearly, other countries feel the same as guacamole stole the spot as the world’s favorite condiment. In second place for the world was mayo and then salsa.

canada's most popular condiment
Via Money.co.uk

Curious about the world’s favorite condiment brand? This is probably no shocker but it’s Nutella. Who can say no to that chocolate-hazelnut goodness? If you’d like to check out more from the study you can click here. And uh maybe treat yourself to some guac today if you’re feeling it.