You know where you should be during a long weekend? Not in Toronto. No offence, Toronto, we love ya. But we also really love shacking up in a cool Airbnb in Ontario to celebrate those sweet days of freedom. Not everyone has a cabin in Muskoka for us to crash at, sadly. Alas, we’ll go find our own mini-vacation home.

Here are some of the coolest Airbnb rentals in Ontario, go ahead and book your stay!


Airbnb Ontario
Photo Via Airbnb

Packing a big punch in a teeny package, this Niagara escape is ideal if you’re curious about tiny home living. Sitting on 12 acres of perfect country land in the heart of wetlands and parks, this little home has designer finishes and everything you need to be perfectly comfy, as long as you’re not unusually tall. The falls and wine country are just outside the teeny doorstep!

Where: Lincoln ON
Cost: $98/night

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Airbnb Ontario
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How much fun is the word “yurt?” Too much fun. So is this rental, which combines all the cozy natural yurty vibes with a perfect view of Georgian Bay! Get off the grid and cozy up with the NEIGHbourhood horses, and then watch the stars twinkle through the skylight.

Where: Penetanguishene, ON
Cost: $120/night


Airbnb Ontario
Photo Via Airbnb

Yeah, there’s a lot to unpack in that title. Escape to the countryside and spend the weekend exploring this insane church-turned-rental. With 4 beds, 4 baths, stained glass, and a swing in the living room, you’ll be poking around until Monday!

Where: Oakwood, ON
Cost: $275/night


Airbnb Ontario
Photo Via Airbnb

Not to be dramatic, but this is the cutest place we’ve ever seen. This adults-only treehouse is nestled into the forest, and it’s a one-of-a-kind stay! Between the lofty accommodations, picture-perfect pool, and the slide from the treehouse to the ground, this property is a true gem. Creep the pictures and thank us after your long weekend stay.

Where: Durham, ON
Cost: $898/night


Airbnb Ontario
Photo Via Airbnb

If you would have asked us if we’d have two churches on this list, we would’ve said no. Here we are, with our second converted church! This one is ideal for the friend group, with decked-out games rooms (rife with former chapel feels) and tons of socializing space. We actually really like what they’ve done with the place, thank God.

Where: Lambton Shores, ON
Cost: $325/night


Airbnb Ontario
Photo Via Airbnb

You and 15 of your closest friends are going to be treated to luxury at this unique property! Not only is the home massive and gorgeous, but you can head out for trail rides, hiking, fishing, and more. It’s a favourite for weddings and group gatherings- family reunion time? Your weird uncle would be funny on a horse.

Where: Bethany, ON
Cost: $550/night


Airbnb Ontario
Photo Via Airbnb

Is it Sweden, or is it the base of Blue Mountain? We’re not sure! This gorgeous spot has a private hot tub, trampoline, and yoga facilities. We might just set up shop and live here until the host kicks us out. You’re welcome to join!

Where: Collingwood, ON
Cost: $239/night


Airbnb Ontario
Photo Via Airbnb

There’s being near the lake, and then there’s sleepwalking from your front door directly into Lake Erie. Kidding, sort of! This lakeshore retreat has direct access to the water and a quaint, cozy vibe inside. Perfect for a little romantic weekend action!

Where: Kingsville, ON
Cost: $110/night

So, which of these perfect Ontario Airbnb rentals are we staying in? You can pick as long as we can cuddle.