Getting a little bored in self-isolation? Welcome to the club! Well, today we’re back with another way to keep yourself and your friends entertained from home. It’s Cards Against Humanity!! Yup, everyone’s favourite horribly hilarious card game is now available to play online.

All you’ve gotta do is head over to this website. Then you and all your friends can play to your heart’s desire. Plus, you can even video chat with your buds while you play. And who wouldn’t want to see the look on their face when you put down that distasteful but kinda (okay, very) funny card?

But the self-claiming “party game for horrible people” isn’t the only game available. You can also check out checkers, crazy eights, go fish, match-up, and more. Sounds like you’ve got a full night ahead of you!

So what are you waiting for? Round up those friends (via text) and hit up this website. The hours of self-isolation will just melt away…


Where: Check out the website here.