Living that good news life is our Friday goal. And if it’s yours as well, welcome aboard. Every Friday we give you the rundown of some of the best news coming from across Canada from the past week. From cute animals to inspiring stories to just general good vibes, our team of good news scientists test, review and catalog it all for you. So, the following is scientifically proven to put a smile on your face.

Okay, not actually “proven”, but we think it will!

Canada is lifting the ban on cruise ships

Nothing beats a good old-fashioned cruise. Sailing the high-seas is the stuff of books and movies for a reason. And now, you can set sail, Mai-Tai in hand on the sun deck of a cruise ship once again. While it probably won’t be until fall that things are normal, it’s still exciting to think about!

A bunch of Canadian cities have the best tech workers on the continent

Tech is becoming bigger and bigger, and what makes the world of tech go around is its workers. And, a bunch of Canadian cities, including Toronto, Ottawa, and Vancouver, have some of the best tech talent pools in North America. The ranking was put out by the CRBE and is an interesting look into the tech industry in Canada.

A new toonie celebrating the discovery of insulin is in circulation

We are absolutely looney for this new toonie. A new two-dollar coin hit the streets the week. The coin is a celebration of the 100th anniversary of the discovery of insulin by Canadian doctors Banting and Best. On it is medical equipment as well as a blue monomer, a building block for the insulin molecule

Pixar’s Turning Red is going to be set in Toronto and the trailer was just released

Directed by Domee Shi, the director of the very cute short film Bao, this animated flick is set in Toronto. The trailer was just released the other day and if you look closely (or not so closely) there are tons of great Canadian easter eggs like the CN Tower, maple leaf print hats and more. If you love films set in Canada, you gotta check this out.

Fully vaccinated Americans may be able to visit Canada next month

Things are always up in the air when it comes to COVID stuff, but a recent announcement is very promising. The announcement was made by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and outline how this August or September could be the time that the border opens up. This is amazing for so many reasons and we are really here for it. Let’s keep our fingers crossed it turns out!

And there you go, your good news for the next week. Granted, with how amazing things have been lately, you probably didn’t even need this good news to put you in a good mood. But, alas, we work around the clock anyway to make sure you got the good news you need every Friday.