What a year it’s been, folks. People on both sides of the US-Canada border have greatly missed traveling for fun and to see family and loved ones. As we all know, the Canadian border has been closed for well over a year now and it’s been incredibly hard on both countries. But in some very exciting news, it looks like that will be changing next month. Here’s what you should know about the changes coming to the Canada-US border.

In a statement released Thursday evening, Prime Minister Trudeau announced that the Canadian border may soon reopen to fully vaccinated American citizens and permanent residents. When, you ask? As early as mid-August and if not then, September of this year.

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You might also be wondering why the sudden switch up? Didn’t Canada just extend the border closure? Well yes, they did, but we’re almost at the 21st of this month (when the border closure will be extended or removed) and Canada has reached a high enough vaccination rate for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to consider reopening the border. If you ask us, we’d assume it also has to do with the mounting pressure that Canada is facing from the US to reopen the border.

We’re super happy that things are looking up for both countries and we can all expect to hear more details on the border early next week. Until then, you can learn more here.