Bad news? Nah! Good news? Yes, please!

It’s Friday and we all know what that means: A roundup of all the good news stories from across the country. It’s one of our favourite things to bring your way every week because after the year we’ve had, we’re now all about the good vibes. Alright, enough chat, let’s get into it.

A free dog pool party is coming to Vancouver, Victoria, and Calgary

A puppy pool party called Pet-a-palooza is perfect for your pet to play at. The free party is going to be the place to check out whether you have a Great Dane, French Bulldog, or a mixed-up mutt. Not only will there be a pool for your dogs to chill at, but there will also be dog-friendly iced treats to refuel after a day of fun in the sun. Woof!

An oral vaccine strip is in development by a Canadian company

Getting a needle is sometimes not the most pleasant experience but is necessary. But what if there was a way to get the benefit of a vaccine, without that jab? Well, the company Rapid Dose Therapeutics is creating a vaccine that you can EAT. While things aren’t ready yet, we’re excited to see what happens!

AriZona Hard Iced Tea is selling bikes for 99 cents

As soon as they started adding booze to AriZona iced tea, we knew the world was on the right path. That we were in the correct timeline. And now, to celebrate two new flavours of their Hard Iced Tea, AriZona is selling cruiser-style bikes for 99 cents. The original price of their OG iced tea. If you want one, act fast because we bet they’ll be limited.

Canadian travel restrictions are slowly easing

We all are craving a trip. It’s in the air. So, it’s great news to see that Canada is opening up a bit for travel. While international recreational travel isn’t really on the table, fully vaccinated cross-border travelers do not have to quarantine for 14 days anymore. Hey, it’s a start! There are, however, some easing restrictions on Canadian travel, which is super exciting.

The HSBC Rugby Sevens Series is back

One of the country’s most fun sporting events is back. The rugby sevens is back this September and we are really here for it. Especially given that the Rugby Sevens was one of the last big sports events in the country, it’s really cool to see it come back. As they say, nature is healing!

And that’s the good news. Hopefully, it makes you enjoy your day and weekend a little bit more. There are always such amazing and wholesome things happening across Canada and we’re always super happy to bring it to you. Hope to see you next week for our next round-up.

Have a great Friday and an even better weekend!