There’s been a lot of fuss recently over Canada’s new travel restrictions. We totally get it, after all, Canada has been on pretty intense lockdown as a country for almost 16 months. And with our neighbors down South going back to life as normal, we know that Canadians want to do the same. So here’s everything to know about Canada’s border & travel restrictions changing today.

To be completely honest here, not a whole lot is changing. The big announcement is that fully vaccinated Canadians and permanent residents who have had both doses of a Canada-approved COVID-19 vaccine can skip the 14-day quarantine. Additionally, these same eligible travelers arriving by air will be exempt from the hotel quarantine.

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Now that being said, if a traveler wasn’t allowed to enter Canada before Monday, they still will not be allowed in after today. So what that means is that travel to Canada is still strictly for necessary means. That includes citizens, permanent residents, visa holders, and other travelers with reasons deemed necessary.

It’s also worth noting that travelers are still required to use the ArriveCAN app or website before they leave. This allows travelers to log their vaccination details and a negative COVID-19 test within 3 days of departure. So all of this is really just a very small start to Canada gradually reopening to travel.

In case you’re wondering, restrictions between the US/Canada are set to expire on July 21st. Now that being said, they have been extended for well over a year at this point so we’re holding our breath. If you’d like to learn more about the current travel restrictions and liftings you can click here.