Does your dog look longingly at you whenever you step outta the house to hit the beach or a nearby pool? Well, you can pay them back and more with one of the most unique events of the summer. The people behind ‘Pet-A-Palooza’ have announced a new pool party for dogs, and it’s coming to 3 Canadian cities!

Vancouver, Victoria, and Calgary will each get a chance to enjoy (or, let their dogs enjoy) a 120-foot long pool. That’s not all though, as there will also be ‘canine cabanas, pool floaties and a DJ’ among other things. Here’s hoping that the setlist is ‘Who Let The Dogs Out’ on repeat.

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Here’s when the cities can expect a visit:

  • Calgary– July 24th and July 25th – EAU CLAIRE MARKET
  • Victoria- August 14th and 15th BULLEN PARK- 1140 LYALL ST- ESQUIMALT
  • Vancouver- September 12th – YALETOWN – 1100 MAINLAND ST

While the exact locations have yet to be revealed, the organizers of the pool party for dogs have promised they will be in the ‘middle of the city’. What’s more, they confirmed via Instagram that these parties will be free to attend! So, we say splurge afterwards and buy your pup a little dog-friendly iced treat just to top things off.

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