Friday. The best day of the week. In only a few short hours, we are going to be greeted by another marvelous weekend. Look forward to some good old-fashioned R & R. And to ease begin that good vibes transition into the weekend, we got a rundown of good news stories from across Canada. Checking out each story is a great way to help tick by the hours until you can run into the weekend.

So, let’s get into it!

Montreal made a new ranking of the world’s best cities

As if Montreal needed another chip off its shoulder! Okay, we’re kidding (but also kind of not). A new ranking put together by the magazine Time Out placed Montreal on its list of the 37 best cities in the world. And it was the only Canadian city on the list. Landing at 6th on the list, Montreal was behind cities like New York City and Prague.

A lost Calgary dog was found by a famous rapper in Florida

Nothing is more heartwarming than a found pet story, but this one is especially heartwarming…and crazy. Peurto Rican rapper Nejo El Broko posted to his Instagram story a lost dog he found in Davenport, Florida. The catch? The dog’s nametag said it was from Calgary. Maybe it had a Milo and Otis-style adventure?

A list of the top universities in Canada for 2022 has been released

Canada has some amazing schools. We should know, we’ve been to a few of them! But it’s always fun when the top university rankings come out. Who doesn’t love a bit of competition between schools? The list was put out by Times Higher Education and places the University of Toronto, UBC, and McGill as their top three. Check it out to see where your fave school ranked!

The Toronto branch of The Royal Conservatory of Music is naming itself after jazz legend Oscar Peterson

Did you know Canada has a rich Jazz history? We didn’t know that growing up, so it’s awesome to see that the late Toronto jazz icon Oscar Peterson is getting the honour he deserves. The community school will now be called the Oscar Peterson School of Music and will hopefully bring more awareness, and ears, to this great musician.

The giant Home Depot skeleton is back

You know the one. The one is 12 feet tall and was all over social media last year. In case you needed a reason to be more excited for Halloween this year, the massive skeleton is in stores right now. There really isn’t a better way to spend $400 this October than on a 12-foot skeleton to scare passers-by.

Got your good news fill now? We sure hope you did because that’s all we got for you this week. If you’re hungry for more, you’ll just have to pop in next week for our next round-up. Until then, sit back and cruise into that beautiful weekend. Bye!