With the summer camping season here, many of you may be looking to rent gear. While Seattle does have tons of great local stores to rent gear, it turns out that there’s also an “outdoor gear-sharing marketplace.” Who knew? GeerGarage is another great option for renting gear this summer and here’s how it works.

GeerGarage does the work to contact and match you with nearby gear lenders who can help make your outdoor goals a reality. It works by submitting a request with the types of gear that you need. They then use your information to find and contact lenders on your behalf.

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Keep in mind, it is free to create a booking request. Once a local who has your requested gear has been contacted, you’ll be matched, notified, and charged the rental fee indicated at checkout.

You can then contact the gear lender using GeerGarage’s messaging platform to determine a meeting location. As for rental selection, it all depends on what lenders have, so it’s not necessarily an upfront guarantee for a specific piece of gear, but that being said it’s likely you can find what you need.

It’s also up to you to inspect your gear before you use it and note any damage or wear. Similarly, the length and conditions of your gear rental are to be discussed and agreed upon between you and the lender.

Enjoy the outdoors safely, Seattle!