Washington has tons of amazing beaches, plenty in the city, some secret, and some that even qualify as marine parks. There are places to beach comb, watch whales, and also great places to see tidal wildlife like Tongue Point Marine Sanctuary. Here’s why you should add the point to your summer adventuring plans.

Tongue Point provides a unique destination for adventurers to immerse themselves in the world of rocky tide pools and the illusive lives of the critters who inhabit them. While the point has always been a great place to see wildlife, it’s also a part of Washington’s naval history – once the home of Camp Hayden during World War II.

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These days, the camp is gone but visitors can find the remains of two gun batteries, the only evidence of the camp’s existence.

With people largely gone from the area, the wildlife has been able to thrive. In the tide pools, you’ll find anemones, sea urchins, sea cucumbers, sea stars, crabs, and more. If you look beyond the tidepools you also may catch a glimpse of seals, whales, and various species of birds.


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As the point is part of the larger Salt Creek Recreation Area, no pass is needed to access it. However, keep in mind that a Discover Pass is required for the adjacent DNR land. With that, enjoy, know your tide tables, and have fun exploring one of Washington’s most unique beaches.