The Grand Canyon is widely considered one of the many natural wonders of the US. But did you know Washington has its own Grand Canyon? To be fair, ours isn’t quite as big but it’s history is unforgettable and it does boast a stunning waterfall. The Palouse River Canyon is well worth a visit this summer and here’s where to find it.

The Palouse River flows through a narrow cataract and drops 200 feet to create a beautiful waterfall. What’s more, the falls are among the last active waterfalls on the Ice Age flood path. From there, the water winds through a gorge of columnar basalt, endings at the Snake River.

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What makes the Palouse River Canyon like the Grand Canyon? At the most basic level, they’re both canyons. But visually, they divide the land in a dramatic and eye-catching way unlike what us city folk are used to seeing in our day-to-day lives.

What’s more, the 94-acre park at Palouse Falls State Park has other day activities like birdwatching and wildlife viewing. Keep in mind that camping is currently not available at the park.

So grab some binoculars, hop in the car, and go see one of our state’s very own natural wonders.

Palouse Falls State Park

Where: LaCrosse, WA

Information on the Palouse River Canyon is from Washington State Parks and is accurate as of publication date.