A life-sized sidewalk version of Monopoly has popped up in Edmonton

Photo via Kristie Edwardsen/Facebook

Hey, maybe the real reason Edmonton is so excited to get out and about is the explosion of amazing public art around the city. The latest addition? A sidewalk-sized Monopoly board that popped up on a Facebook page for Art Walk 2020 yesterday morning.

And while the page is ‘chalk-full’ (we couldn’t help ourselves) of art, this one is definitely one of the most creative ideas on there. Our suggestion? Round up some of your friends and finish the board, so that you can play a massive version of the classic game.

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Or, you could be like us, and just get lost in the vortex of great public art on there. Either reaction works, really. Plus, the explosion of the social distancing version of Art Walk 2020 is only going to get better throughout the summer.

Ok, we have no hard evidence to back that up, but we’re an optimistic bunch! Check out the Art Walk 2020 with Social Distancing page right here.