If you’re among the few without a pesky ex, consider yourself lucky – otherwise, look no further than the Edmonton Valley Zoo for relief.

Love is in the air and next week is meant to bring the most romantic day of the calendar year – some would agree that the upcoming holiday is the worst.

Whether you’ve recently experienced heartbreak or still hold a grudge from Jr. High, why not do some good while getting your (symbolic) revenge this Valentine’s Day?

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For only $5, Albertans are encouraged to buy and name a mealworm after their not-so-special someone – all in the name of charity.

“Are you tired of feeling bitter about your ex,” they wrote in a recent post.

“On February 14th we will host a live stream on our Instagram and Facebook accounts where you can say goodbye to your old flame and watch one of our furry, feathery, or scaly friends take care of business!”

All proceeds raised will go towards the Edmonton Valley Zoo which is something you can feel good about, so head to their website now.

You may not have gotten your happy ending, but your neighbourhood meerkats will have gotten a tasty snack.

Enjoy and happy donating.