Looks like Toronto is disguising itself yet again, this time for what appears to be a Christmas movie. The production took over a stretch of Victoria St this week, adorning the street in snow, festive window displays, and life-sized nutcrackers.

Photos of the set have been shared by passersby on social media. There’s a chance that it might be a scene from the new Hallmark movie A Royal’s Queens Christmas coming out next month, which lists Toronto as its filming location on IMDb.

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Filming took place in the area of Victoria St and King St East on Tuesday, according to this tweet.

A photo shared the same day shows holiday-themed productions taking place in a residential area of Toronto, supposedly for a Hallmark film. One of the stars of A Royal Queens Christmas, Julian Morris, posted an Instagram video from the set in Toronto in late October.


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It wouldn’t be the first Christmas movie filmed in Canada to come out this year. Netflix’s new holiday love story, filmed in Vancouver and starring Toronto’s own Nina Dobrev, is premiering on the platform this week!