With summer just around the corner, chances are that you’re planning ahead for some warm weather hikes. Between wildflowers and waterfalls, our state pretty much has it all. But we have one more hike to add to your list and that is the natural waterslide at Washington’s Denny Creek Trail.

Denny Creek Trail is a popular and gentle six-mile roundtrip hike. It’s great for folks of all ages and has all sorts of things to see along the trail. You’ll see beautiful old-growth PNW forests, viewpoints, and of course waterfalls. While Keekwulee Falls and Snowshoe Falls are the main visual attractions, Denny Creek is where all the fun is.

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After the second crossing of Denny Creek, you’ll find the beginning of the waterslide rocks. These rocks are smooth and perfectly situated to slide down. Not only that but there are tons of little swimming holes situated around the creek. So slide (safely) to your heart’s content, and then chill out in one of the pools.

Keep in mind that you’ll need to purchase a Northwest Forest Pass to access the trail which is $5 a day or $30 annually. Other than that the trail is free and ready for you to explore. Enjoy!