Heads up, movie lovers! On Monday, the president of Marvel Studios confirmed that there will be a Deadpool 3, and it will keep the R-rating that the first two instalments had. The wildly popular movies, starring hometown sweetheart Ryan Reynolds and filmed around the city, might just be the most ‘Vancouver-ish’ movies out there.

So, we think the news is worth talking about, even if production isn’t going to be happening this year. And although it’s not Vancouver-related, we also were excited to see that the Molyneux sisters (who are behind Bob’s Burgers), will be writing it.

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Really, it’s great news for Deadpool fans. We get to keep the gritty, vulgar inclusions that made Deadpool unique, he’s moving to the Marvel Universe, and two confirmed funny people are writing the script. Now, all we need is confirmation that filming is happening in Vancouver and we can jump for joy.

In the meanwhile, we might just have to watch the first two a couple more times. After all, Reynolds really brings his all to the character.