Here in Canada, we’ve always had the right to brag about our stunning landscapes and wildlife, but it turns out that we also have some of the coolest neighbourhoods in the world.

Time Out has released its annual ranking of the world’s coolest neighbourhoods, highlighting the “distinctive districts” across the globe with “cutting-edge culture” that makes them stand out from the rest.

The outlet has gathered feedback from thousands of city-dwellers for the ranking, and it turns out that three Canadian cities made the cut this year.

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Out of 51 cities, Montreal’s Mile End has landed in 5th place. Its impressive score can be attributed to the “world-famous institutions” and “epic new hot spots” that call it home.

Mile End is described as an “enclave for some of the city’s best restaurants, independent bookstores, flower shops, butchers, bakers and candlestick makers.”

Montreal also happens to have the coolest street in the world, according to Time Out. Clearly, Montrealers are doing something right.


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Time Out has named Toronto’s Dundas West the 12th coolest street in the world this year, describing it as “a culture consumer’s paradise with boutique art galleries, snug bars, understated nightclubs and enough cosy coffee shops to keep you buzzing along.”

Dundas West is where you’ll find Bar Mordecai, which was named one of the best bars in North America this year.

The 25th coolest street in the world is Vancouver’s West End. ” Once a quiet enclave for the elite, the West End is now boisterous,” says Time Out.


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Between Stanley Park and Sunset Beach, the shopping and dining on Denman and Robson, and the LGBTQ+ hub of Davie Village, this neighbourhood has everything going for it.

So, there you have it — all the proof you need that we do, in fact, live in the best country ever. If you need a reminder of what makes us so great, you know where to go.