The list of Canada’s best new restaurants is back, and with its return comes Canada’s best bars! The 2022 list takes a look at the country’s top drinking establishments from coast to coast.

According to Canada’s Best Bars editor Alexandra Gill, nearly half of the 2022 winners are new or newly listed bars. This includes Vancouver’s Laowai, which was voted Canada’s best new bar. As for the top spot this year? That goes to Toronto’s Civil Liberties, which has taken the coveted #1 position from Bar Raval, also in Toronto – which won the past three years.

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So who made this year’s top 20 list of Canada’s Best Bars?

  1. Civil liberties, Toronto
  2. Botanist, Vancouver
  3. The Keefer Bar, Vancouver
  4. Laowai & Blnd Tger, Vancouver
  5. Atwater Cocktail Club, Montreal
  6. Milky Way, Montreal
  7. El Pequeño, Montreal
  8. Bar Raval, Toronto
  9. The Cloakroom, Montreal
  10. Dear Friend, Dartmouth
  11. Bar Pompette, Toronto
  12. Proof, Calgary
  13. The Bar at Alo, Toronto
  14. The Coldroom, Montreal
  15. Clementine, Edmonton
  16. Gift Shop, Toronto
  17. Mother Cocktail Bar, Toronto
  18. Barchef, Toronto
  19. Bar Mordecai, Toronto
  20. Clive’s Classic Lounge, Victoria

There you have it, Canada! Be sure to head to these spots and check them out soon! And cheers!