We hate to be the bearer of bad news – but it might be time to dust off your winter boots.

As reported by the Weather Network, several provinces across Canada can expect to see snow as early as Thanksgiving Monday, kicking off the chillier half of our fall season.

Due to a shot of modified air blowing in from the Arctic, 75% of the country (all provinces with the exception of British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Alberta) will see a sprinkle of that wretched white stuff next week – though Nunavut, northern Ontario, Quebec and Labrador will likely get the brunt of it, according to TWN.

Luckily, it’s not all bad!

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“Snowfall amounts will be very limited for most, and in combination with the warm ground, will prevent most snow from sticking to the ground,” the publication wrote.

“An exception will be through the Laurentian mountains where a combination of elevation and higher forecast totals may allow some snow to temporarily accumulate.”

As we mentioned, however – Canada’s most western provinces will remain fairly warm – but it won’t be long until winter makes its return.

It’s not out of the ordinary to see heavy snow by the end of October so get ready and stay ready! You never know what could happen.