Heyo music lovers! While there’s no shortage of amazing shows still happening before the month ends, it’s time to look ahead to all the concerts coming to Edmonton this August! From the iconic Edmonton Folk Festival to major stars to local options, we’ve got a lot to look forward to. Let’s dive in!

Here are the best concerts to check out in Edmonton this August.

Burna Boy

Kick off the month with the Nigeria-born superstar Burna Boy! In addition to some incredible solo projects, he’s collabed with some of the biggest names on earth, from Future to Drake to, just recently, Ed Sheeran.

When: August 2nd
Where: 9797 Jasper Avenue
Cost: $100+

Orville Peck

The Edmonton Folk Fest has a very stacked lineup, but we’re eyeing two names off of it. First up? Orville Peck, the masked star with a beautiful voice and a commanding stage presence.

When: August 5th
Where: Gallagher Park
Cost: $243.43

Sierra Ferrell

Right alongside him though is Sierra Ferrell, who has embraced the old style of country music and seen nothing but success with it. Between the two, you’ll feel like you’re in a (much more progressive) honky-tonk in the 60s.

When: August 7th
Where: Gallagher Park
Cost: $243.43

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The Lumineers

While the band has been making music ever since, we’ll be honest and say that we’d buy tickets just to be able to hear some staple songs from our younger years. HO! HEY!

When: August 7th
Where: 10220 104 Avenue NW
Cost: $49+

Animal Collective

‘Experimental Pop’ is a good way to sum up this larger-than-life and very energetic band. If you just want to dance your heart out next month, then this is one of our top picks.

When: August 16th
Where: 6240 99 Street NW
Cost: $31+


A Canadian music icon is coming to Edmonton next month! They’ve actually just released a new album (called ‘Formentera’), so you can expect some new songs among their most popular hits!

When: August 17th
Where: 9797 Jasper Avenue
Cost: $56+

Paul Brandt

Next up for (kinda) festivals, we’ve got the Together Again Concert Series! While the entire weekend is filled with big names, there’s no denying that Albertan country star Paul Brandt might be the best of them.

When: August 19th
Where: Edmonton Exhibition Lands
Cost: $79


Summertime and electronic music go hand in hand, there’s no doubt. One of our top picks this month in that lane is this American producer/DJ who specializes in the bass heavy genres like bass house, future bass, and dubstep.

When: August 20th
Where: 6240 99 St NW
Cost: $40+

Action Bronson

Action Bronson is like conscious rap for people who love weed and good food. Full disclosure- we might just be a part of that group, so we’re looking forward to the concert.

When: August 23rd
Where: 6240 99 St NW
Cost: $43.50+

Modest Mouse

It’s like mid-tier nostalgia madness for concerts in Edmonton this August, no? Float On with Modest Mouse later on in the month, for some classic summertime indie rock vibes.

When: August 24th
Where: 9797 Jasper Avenue
Cost: $50+

Backstreet Boys

Yeah, one of the most iconic bands, well, ever is in Edmonton next month! The only problem? If you want it that way, it’ll set you back hundreds.

When: August 26th
Where: 10220 104 Avenue NW
Cost: $295+


For an ever more niche festival option, we’ve got just the thing in mind! Purple City is bringing a whole swack of artists, but we’re focusing on the EDM lineup to keep the summer fun moving.

When: August 26th (maybe?)
Where: Multiple Venues
Cost: $80+

Greta Van Fleet

If you just feel like rocking out, this is the pick for you. More or less the evolution of Led Zeppelin, the band has become synonymous with hard rock over the past few years.

When: August 27th
Where: 10220 104 Avenue NW
Cost: $60+

There you have it! The best concerts coming to Edmonton this August… Now, pick a few, grab some friends, and go have fun!