The dog days of summer are upon us, and we think that checking out some lakes around Edmonton is a perfect way to deal with it. From major spots and beaches to some lesser-known options for the more adventurous, we’ve got tons of options to enjoy. So, let’s see what’s out there!

Here are 8 great lakes to spend a day at around Edmonton this summer.



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Alrighty, let’s kick things off with the options south of the city. The closest one that still has all the amenities? Pigeon Lake, which offers multiple beaches, fishing spots, and boat launches. Our top recommendation here is the ever-popular Ma-Me-O Beach.

Where: 6B Village Drive, Westerose


Drive a little further south and you’ll find yourself at Gull Lake. Take some time to explore the Village development here, grab a late breakfast lunch at The Wooden Shoe, and then spend the rest of the day lounging around at one of the many nearby beaches.

Where: 40 Lakeview Avenue, Gull Lake



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And of course, we have to mention Sylvan Lake. This popular summer spot is just under two hours away from Edmonton. Here you can take a dip or relax in the sun on the beach, grab a bite to eat, browse quaint little shops, hit their iconic ice cream shop, and still be home before dinner!

Where: 5012 48 Avenue, Sylvan Lake

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Maybe north of the city is more what you’re feeling… if so, then one of our top picks is Long Lake. This is a great choice and offers a ton of day use options (including some golf). It should be noted though- day use capacity often hits the limit, so go early or midweek to make the most of it.

Where: Range Road 191A, Ellscott



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As Elk Island’s main destination, Astotin Lake more than lives up to the hype. The woodland setting, the beach, the walks surrounding it… yeah, it might be the only spot on this list that actually costs money to visit, but we think it’s absolutely worth it. Bonus points if you get to watch a sunset here!

Where: Elk Island National Park


And so, we start to head out west. An hour from the city, you’ll come across Wabamun Lake, which offers a large beach, easy access to swimming, and a whole bunch of species of birds to keep your eyes peeled for. Great for those spur of the moment day trips.

Where: Township Rd 531A



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These last two are not exactly day trip material, but are no-brainers for a weekend getaway. Well, you could wake up super early and tackle the 3-hour drive to Jarvis Lake, but maybe get a friend to swap for the ride home. Either way, those who make the trip will be treated to a pristine environment with tons of space to enjoy and few other people around.

Where: William A. Switzer Provincial Park


Dare we say it? We dare. The lakes around Jasper, while not as popular as those around Banff, are maybe even more beautiful. Especially when you have three that are just minutes away from the town itself, making them perfect add-ons for a weekend getaway.

Where: Lake Annette Road, Jasper

There you have it… our picks for the best lakes around Edmonton to enjoy this summer! Now, pick a couple, round of some travel buddies, and go have some summer fun!