Well, Vancouver, we might just get a white Christmas after all – or at least a white-ish one. Let’s take a look at the updated weather forecast in Vancouver for next week leading up to the 24th and 25th of December.

Let’s start with this weekend. In their 14-day forecast, The Weather Network predicts “mixed precipitation” with 1 to 3 cm of snowfall on Saturday, December 17th, and up to 4 cm of snow on Sunday, December 18th.

christmas weather forecast vancouver
Screenshot via The Weather Network

From Monday, December 19th to Wednesday, December 21st, Vancouverites can expect a mix of flurries and sunny breaks, with temperatures plummeting once again into -3 and -5 celsius. And on Thursday, December 22nd, a proper snowfall of up to 15 cm is expected.

As for next week, TWN forecasts more mixed precipitation and rainfall leading up to Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. So while Raincouver might be our official holiday guest over the weekend, we’ll at least get some significant snowfall beforehand!

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vancouver christmas weather forecast
Screenshot via The Weather Network

According to The Old Farmer’s Almanac, “frigid snow showers” will make an appearance between December 22nd and 27th – which aligns with the “icebox conditions” they forecasted earlier this season. From December 28th to 31st, the almanac forecasts heavier snowfall.

Thanks to a “rare triple-dip La Niña weather pattern in the Pacific Ocean,” most provinces are in for a colder start to winter this year. So while it’s unclear whether that translates into an entirely white Christmas for Vancouver or not, here’s to hoping it does.