There’s no denying it now — winter is officially coming. According to The Weather Network (TWN)’s new Canada winter forecast, it looks like some provinces and territories are in for an early start to the season.

The warm fall temperatures we’ve enjoyed this year will soon be replaced by “widespread colder than normal temperatures,” in the centre regions of Canada.

Eastern Canada has experienced mild Decembers in recent years, which may not be the case this time around.

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Ontario and Quebec, in particular, are in for a “quicker start to winter than we have become accustomed to seeing in recent years,” says TWN.

Global weather patterns point to a possible “colder than normal start to winter” from the central Prairies all the way to western Quebec.

As for January and February, it’s still too early to be sure of what Mother Nature will bring. However, TWN does have a few theories.

One potential scenario would be similar to what we experienced last year, which was colder than normal temperatures and severe cold in western Canada and milder weather across the eastern U.S., “surging north into Eastern Canada at times.”

However, it’s also possible for the opposite to occur, with below-normal temperatures in the east and above-normal in the west. According to TWN, this looks to be the more likely scenario, based on the global patterns unfolding right now.

It’s worth noting that we are entering our third La Niña winter in a row, which has only occurred a few times in recorded history.

“That adds an extra element of mystery to how the winter pattern will unfold,” says TWN.

Whatever the case may be, it’s safe to say that we will all be busting out our winter parkas pretty soon. Maybe it’s time to finally book that cheap tropical vacation.