Parts of Canada have yet to experience significant snowfall which may sound like a blessing for some, while for snow lovers, not so much. If you’re the type to vacation away from the cold or are seeking to embrace the most frigid temperatures, we’re here to give you some inspo for your next winter vacation – and it looks like you won’t need to venture too far to enjoy the season. A new list is out, ranking the best winter vacations in the world and two Canadian cities were named out of all the destinations.

U.S News & World Report has revealed its list of 21 winter vacations in the world and out of all the destinations it chose, two of them are in the Great White North. Among the list, you’ll find destinations like Honolulu, Hawaii, Costa Rica, St. Lucia, and the Galapagos Islands, just to name a few.

According to the site, U.S News compiled a list of the best winter vacations based on expert analysis and reader votes – 50/50.

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Though voters choose their favourites, editors score individual destinations from 0 to 5 in a number of categories. These categories include sights, culture, people, food, family, nightlife, adventure, romance, value, and accessibility.

And according to the ranking, Quebec City, QC, and Whistler, B.C deserved a spot among the best listed. Quebec City came in 11th place, and Whistler in 14th place.

This isn’t the first time Whistler has made a list – especially in the last few weeks. The winter city destination was voted one of the best worldwide vacation spots for couples.

And as for Canada, it’s made a few lists when it comes to destinations that appeal to outdoor enthusiasts. Canada was voted one of the best places for outdoor lovers to travel in 2023. AND if you need any more of a reason to travel to the Great White North, Victoria, British Columbia was recently voted one of the best cities to travel to in 2023 thanks to its sustainability efforts and green impact, and stunning outdoor beauty.

For those looking for a little winter getaway but without outdoor activities, Toronto, ON; Vancouver, B.C; Montreal, QC were just voted most popular domestic travel destinations for Canadians right now.

It looks like Canada is one destination you should consider when making your travel plans for next year.