You can now tour the entire city of Ottawa right from your couch!

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A lot of us had travel plans before all of this. Mexico, Vegas, Europe… Maybe some of you we’re planning on finally checking out Canada’s capital. Good news, you’re still able to.. sort of! You can now tour all of Ottawa from the comfort of your couch because the city has actually made a lot of their museums and landmark sites available to view online.

Throw on some obligatory vacation print and only pack the essentials. Through a computer screen, explore the best that Ottawa has to offer.

Wander the green carpet (wow, choices) of the cities historic Parliament Hill and House of Commons, even look up and check out the ceiling. You’ll also be able to read up on the Guardian of the Mace or on some of the cabinet members!

See the underground bunker at Canada’s Cold War Museum, or get a 360 view inside the city’s oldest building, now known as the Bytown Museum.

Also on this ‘virtual trip,’ Canadas largest museum! Canada’s History Hall is massive. We’re talking big enough to hold the world’s largest indoor collection of totem poles. Impressive.

Our personal favourite though is the Canadian Museum of Nature. We’re actually 8 years old at heart, and also self-isolation has taken a major toll on us, so seeing dinosaurs and getting to play interactive games were major highlights.

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Other ‘tours’ that they now offer? The National Gallery of Canada and the Canadian War Museum and Ingenium Museums!

There are a ton of things to see and ‘do’ on this Ottawa tour. No, unfortunately, you definitely won’t accidentally run into any of the Trudeau’s. We can, however, promise you that you’ll never take a cheaper vacation than this one!

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