You can actually rent an entire Florida baseball stadium on Airbnb

Via Airbnb

Who’s to say if we’ll be able to travel by summer’s end. We realize that planning anything in quarantine could be premature, but we could be anywhere in August! We could even be vacationing in a Florida baseball stadium that we rented on Airbnb.

Seriously, guys. 2020 has flipped the world on its head. Home is work, work is home. Sweat pants are acceptable anywhere, and everywhere, and sports stadiums are fair game. It’s not like they’re being used for anything else right now, right?

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“Want to hit with your friends in our batting cage? Be our guest! Want to play catch on the field at 11:30 PM? Be our guest! Want to take batting practice while having a couple of cold ones with the boys? Be our guest! Want to take down your siblings in ping pong and video games in the clubhouse? Be our guest! Want to enjoy breakfast at home plate? Be our guest!” says the (rather enthusiastic) Airbnb listing. 

This 10-bed Blue Wahoos Stadium has everything you’d expect a run of the mill shared apartment to have, sans awkward run-ins with the homeowner. Wifi, TVs, a kitchenette, central heating… not that you’ll need it because, Florida. Hairdryers, shampoo and parking among others.

You’ll have access to the clubhouse, batting cage and the entire field. Also, it won Southern League Ballpark of the Year award and is the reigning Best View in Double-A. Fancy.

Above all else, as listed on Airbnb, this entire Florida stadium will only run you $1,500 a night. THAT’S IT. $150 per person, as long as you have 10 friends to split it with.

You could say that this experience would be… quite the catch. Aha.

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