Calgary’s weather forecast showing a little bit of everything this week

Via @jesse.ell / InstagramVia Weather Network

Happy Monday, YYC! We hope you had a great weekend! This time around, the Calgary forecast is calling for another trail-mix bag of July weather. Basically there will be a little something for everyone and almost every activity, which we actually appreciate! Who doesn’t like a little variety?

Between Tuesday and Friday, we can expect, sun, thunderstorms, wind, rain, and some humidity. Want to stay in and watch some Netflix? Feel like going out and grabbing a fresh air brewski? Well, we feel pretty confident giving you the green light for all of the above.

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On Wednesday, we’ll see our weekly high of 23°c, followed by Thursday’s weekly low of 18°c. Unfortunately, if you’re like us, and experience weather-related headaches, they might be inevitable. But we guess that’s just the price we pay for more than one option?

The important thing here is that we have a lot to look forward to. In, out, or around, this week, Calgary will see a forecast of very active weather, giving us a ton of ‘plan freedom’ – and that’s pretty cool,

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