Calgary School Board expands mask policy to all students

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We got some pretty big (and likely controversial) news from the School Board this morning. All children from kindergarten to grade 3 will also now have to wear face coverings when they return to class in the fall, as per the Calgary Mandatory Mask Bylaw.

Earlier this month, the Alberta Government announced that all teachers, staff, and students between grades 4 and 12 will be required to wear a mask at school, excluding younger children and those with health conditions.

While exclusions for kids who are unable to safely wear a face covering are still in place, everyone will be now required to cover up and must still practice social distancing in Calgary.

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In addition to the new k-3 rule, the school board has also said they will be hiring 240 temporary custodians, in order to keep everything sanitized and up to Alberta Health standards.

Wowza, If we remember anything from elementary school, the teachers made to enforce this Calgary mandatory mask rule and the janitors who will have to clean up after these kidlets are going to have their work cut out for them.

This will be an interesting next few months, Calgary. Good luck to those involved. It’s going to be quite the ride, but at least it’ll be a safe one!