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This classic ’50s diner outside Calgary is in danger of shutting down

Via Marvs Soda Shop

Most are hoping they’ll see a white Christmas, but unfortunately for the owner of Marv’s Classic Soda Shop, a’50s diner right outside of Calgary, a heavy snowfall could mean the end of his business.

During the warmer months, Marv’s Classic Soda Shop in Black Diamond is a popular spot for nostalgia seekers and locals alike. Their Golden Age resto has had visitors from around the world and is considered a favourite to the B.D. community, but during the winter months, business slows to a screeching halt.

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Marvs Soda Shop Black Diamond

Understandably, not as many people are as willing to drive as far as Black Diamond to grab a bite to eat when the roads aren’t in tip-top shape. “It seems like it’s a fine line. Right there in September, our business drops in half and then in October, it drops in half again and then from there it just keeps dropping for the winter,” Marv said in an interview with Global.

Marv just turned 74 years old and continues to spend 7 days a week at the diner, because he says it’s his “home away from home.”

The diner has been open for nearly 20 years and occasionally features live bands, dancing (where Marv will often cut a rug,) car shows, and ’50s-themed nights, which look like an incredible time.

We don’t doubt the appeal for a second. This place is so freaking cute and this story is terribly sad. So how about heading out for a milkshake (or 30)? We’ll make the road trip playlist. We’re comin’ for you, Marv!

Marv’s Classic Soda Shop

Where: 121 Centre Avenue W, Black Diamond

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