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Canada’s favourite restaurants unify and ask the government for help

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It hasn’t been easy for restaurants and bars during the COVID-19 pandemic. Luckily, thanks to unified groups like Save Hospitality CA and One Table, the service industry might actually be able to survive the coming weeks, maybe even months. We sure hope so!

When social-distancing is no longer necessary, you can bet we’re going to our favourite bar for a drink. We’re really doing our best to stay positive through all of this. So in saying that, we don’t doubt that if we all pitch in, our go-to places will still be able to operate as usual after all of this.


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Now when we say all, we mean all. Realistically, everyday people can only do so much, which is why groups like Save Hospitality CA are calling upon the government. This likeminded assembly of restaurateurs and suppliers have put together a proposal of sorts for Canadian officials. The proposal includes recommendations, timelines and requests to save an industry loved by many.

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Save Hospitality CA

Their list of short-term and long-term recommendations includes things like:

  • Ceasing the collection of commercial property taxes immediately for restaurants, bars, retail and hospitality-related businesses and their suppliers.
  • Requiring insurance companies to cover business interruption during this time of mandated hospitality business closures. (Currently, they are actually denying coverage for such claims.)
  • Waive WSIB payments for February and March 2020 (due March 31st and April 31st, 2020, respectively), without penalty and interest for 90 days.
  • Reduce taxes on spirits for purchases by retail licensees by 50%.
  • Provide relief to hospitality industry suppliers and service providers for non-payment since the beginning of the

Since the beginning of March, over 25,204 hardworking individuals have been laid off in the service industry which is absolutely insane.

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“Our general message to lawmakers and government officials is this: we are an industry that employs an enormous number of people who are disproportionally vulnerable to cash flow stoppages. ” They say in their statement.

” For the sake of all of our employees and their families; we implore your immediate support and attention in helping us get back on track.” You tell em, SH!

To see the entire proposal, or to find out how you can help, check out their website here, and to all those affected, we stand with you!

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