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The Calgary Comic Expo has been postponed due the Covid Outbreak

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The Calgary Comic Expo has been postponed amid the Covid Outbreak

Hi guys, Bad News Barry here. In a necessary, but unfortunate move, the organizers of the Calgary Comic Expo have decided to postpone this year’s wildly anticipated event until Summer 2020.

“We’d originally hoped that the collective emergency response to COVID-19 and the unprecedented protocols put in place would control this horrible virus quickly enough for us to bring you the show in some form,” CCE CEO, Aman Gupta said. “However, it’s clear to all of us that the right thing to do is to postpone Calgary Expo 2020 to another date this year.”

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Although the exact date has yet to be determined, it will most likely be held at the same venue. As for whether the lineup of celebrity guests will stay the same… Well, we’re assuming we won’t know anything for sure until closer to the Calgary Comic Expo. This could cause scheduling conflicts, which would suck, but again, it’s all for the best.

Also, thanks to their Fan First program, anyone who needs or wants to get a refund for their tickets, will be able to do so, “no questions asked.”

If you’re on the fence about whether or not you’ll still attend, you have time to decide. According to the press release sent out this morning, they’ll be taking the remainder of the week to finalize some of the more important details. We can expect another update coming Monday, March 30th, so stay tuned!

Looks like we’ll have to wait  a few more months to get our nerd on. Until then, we’ll keep our fingers and toes crossed that Brendan Fraser can still make the trip. We’ve had our wedding invitations dateless, but printed since we were 7 after seeing The Mummy in theatres. To you, he may be a changed man,  but to us, he’ll always be Rick O’Connell.

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