Boba enthusiasts, you’re in luck. Toronto is home to so many incredible bubble tea spots with fresh and chewy tapioca, decadent milk flavours, and refreshing fruit creations that will satisfy all of your cravings.

There are hundreds of bubble tea spots scattered across the city so highlighting them all (even though they’re each just as delicious as the next) is a tad tedious. Nonetheless, we’ve compiled a list for your pleasure.

Here are some of the best bubble tea spots in Toronto:

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Ten Ren’s Tea

Undefeated. A classic. By far, one of the best bubble tea spots in the city – it’s a hit almost every time. You can opt for the classic taro milk tea or try one of their seasonal drinks. You won’t regret it.

Where: Multiple locations

OneZo Tapioca

This bubble tea chain prides itself on making the freshest, most creative, and most delicious tapioca drinks in the city. You can always count on tasty and refreshing boba at this spot.

Where: See locations

Real Fruit Bubble Tea

These delicious bubble tea drinks are chock-full of mango chunks and fresh homemade tapioca, with no artificial preservatives or additives. You can even get yours with strawberry-popping boba and make your bubble tea pop.

Where: See locations



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This iconic bubble tea spot is a favourite for a reason. Its crowd-pleasing boba creations are decadent, delicious, and refreshing all at the same time, with tons of options to choose from.

For a limited time only, you can enjoy their Roasted Milk Tea Crunch and Thai Milk Tea Crunch, both made with KITKAT!

Where: See locations

Gong Cha

“Sip” back and relax with a refreshing bubble tea creation from this Taiwan-based chain. Gong Cha is known for its innovative drink menus, masterful preparation, and premium tea leaves. So, you know you’ll be indulging in quality with every cup.

Where: See locations

CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice

This chain operates over 4,000 locations worldwide, so you can only imagine how popular it is among boba-loving locals. Choose from classic, fruity fresh, specialty, slush drinks, and many more. The options are endless!

Make sure to try their holiday offerings this season.

Where: See locations

Bobo Tea & Juice

This small spot in Fort York has an adorable corgi logo on its cups, which is just one of many reasons why it’s so popular. The menu features tasty flavoured milk teas, smoothies, slushies, milkshakes, and ice crush of all varieties.

Where: 62 Fort York Blvd

The Alley


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The Alley makes its own sugar cane syrup in-house and has crafted it to perfection, along with its house-made tapioca that packs a flavourful punch. All of the tea leaves are hand-picked and roasted with other ingredients. According to the website, “the flavour may be short-lived,” but “the memory everlasting.”

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TP Tea


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Taiwan-based TP Tea takes pride in making every cup of tea the highest quality, with premium tea leaves and the best brewing techniques to enhance its flavour. This spot will definitely satisfy your boba craving and the friendly service is an added bonus.

Where: See locations

Icha Tea

The atmosphere in this bubble tea spot is instantly relaxing, making it the perfect setting for a boba date with a friend. You can also pair your drink with some tasty bites like a Matcha Roll or Rose Jasmine Pudding.

Where: 4-235 Spadina Ave & 996 Queen St West

Song Tea


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This boba chain produces some seriously unique creations like Mango Cheese Tea, Kiwi Cheese Tea, and Cherry Cheese Tea. Song Tea uses imported fresh cheese for its drinks and only the freshest tea leaves for every cup. Plus, the cartoon on the cup is pretty adorable.

Where: 422 Spadina Ave

There you have it, friends! Let us know which of these Toronto bubble tea spots you love best.