It’s official! The Toronto City Council has agreed to replace Dundas across the city with a brand new name. This will see Yonge-Dundas Square, two TTC subway stations, and a library with a new name throughout 2024 and into 2025.

According to the city, after two years of consultation, research, and discussion, Toronto’s Recognition Review Community Advisory Committee selected the name “Sankofa Square” for Yonge-Dundas Square in a unanimous vote.

The term originates from Ghana which “refers to the act of reflecting on and reclaiming teachings from the past, which enables people to move forward together.”

Per the city, this new name reflects “the City’s commitment to taking steps to right wrongs, confront anti-Black racism and build a more inclusive Toronto for all.”

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Both the city of Toronto and TTC will work in consultation with the Toronto Metropolitan University to rename Dundas Station and with advice from the RRCAC to rename Dundas West Station.

The Toronto Public Library Board in collaboration with the City will rename the Jane/Dundas Public Library.

“The City of Toronto remains committed to confronting anti-Black racism, advancing truth, reconciliation and justice, and building a more inclusive and equitable City. The City of Toronto is committed to acknowledging the impact of the trans-Atlantic slave trade and slavery, while focusing on mitigating costs and impacts on residents and businesses,” said Mayor Olivia Chow.

“Adopting the name Sankofa Square, recognizes the need to reflect on and reclaim teachings from the past, and enables us to move forward together.”

The library and Dundas subway station have been directed to change its name before the end of 2024 while Dundas West subway station will be renamed within the TTC’s 10-year capital plan, by 2025.