In 2005 the world changed forever thanks to an absolutely terrifying and equally hilarious creation by Boston Dynamics. If that name sounds familiar it’s probably because you’re thinking of the company’s Spot robot dog. Well, now Spot is joining a Toronto construction team and no, they won’t be kicking him.


The obvious question here is why? Basically, Spot is collecting data on how to improve workflows and its job in Toronto actually isn’t the first. The robot made its first visit to a Pomerlau site in Montreal in 2019 and also made its way to the oil sands of Alberta in March of this year. But this go-around, Spot is visiting the Cadillac Fairview 160 Front Street project.

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As comical as this is, it’s actually pretty cool. Pomerleau hooks various kinds of measurement devices up to the robot to measure working conditions including temperature, construction progress, and light. Thus, Spot allows them to learn about their own construction sites in a quick and safe manner.

Not only that, but crews get real-time data so they can adjust workflows to be better and safer for everyone involved.

As for spot, we just hope we don’t see it patrolling our street corners anytime soon…