It’s only been a few months since Boston Dynamics made its line of Spot Robot Dogs available to buy, but Shell has already jumped on board. What’s more, some of their first units are being introduced to the Shell Scotford Complex, just outside of Edmonton. Here’s a quick rundown.

According to Shell, the robots (dogs? robodogs?) have been brought in to help with safety inspections around the plant. Costing around $80,000 USD each, one features a 360-degree camera, while the other has a robotic arm to move/manipulate things.

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Like real dogs, the robots will need to be ‘trained’ before they’re let loose. That includes things like learning the layout of the facility, tasks to be performed, and whatnot. The robots can be operated via remote control, or can be programmed to function autonomously. Which, by the way, would be a crazy sight to see.

Just a couple of Shell-branded robot dogs roaming around a massive space, inspecting machines and performing tasks endlessly. Wait a second, isn’t this the plot of WALL-E?