Walmart Canada has reportedly pulled a “learning toy” from its website for giving kids an education in something they definitely shouldn’t know about. The toy in question, a dancing cactus that sings in three languages, shocked a customer in Ontario with its R-rated lyrics.

Ania Tanner told CTV News that she bought the dancing cactus as a gift for her granddaughter from Walmart’s website for around $26. Tanner is Polish, so she was able to understand the lyrics of the toy’s Polish song and was left “in shock” by what she heard.

According to the outlet, the song is actually a rap by a Polish artist named Cypis. In it, he raps about “doing five grams of cocaine,” suicide, and depression, with many swear words thrown in. The rapper is reportedly taking legal action against the toy company for using his song without permission.

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walmart cactus toy
Photo via Walmart Canada

As for Walmart’s response to this unfortunate incident, the retail corporation told CTV that the item has been taken off its marketplace website while the complaint is investigated.

This wouldn’t be the first time that an inappropriate item sold by a third-party seller on Walmart Canada’s website got the company in trouble.

In 2019, Walmart took down a Christmas sweater sold online that featured Santa doing cocaine with the words “let it snow” across the front, along with several other NSFW festive sweaters, reports Global. Walmart also issued an apology, but at that point, the sweater had already gone viral.

Right now, there are still dozens of dancing cactus toys on Walmart Canada’s website that look identical to the one in question. There’s even one for sale that’s dressed like a guard from Squid Game.

You could really go down a rabbit hole looking at all of the obscure items on Walmart Canada’s website. If we discover any suspicious-looking cacti or cocaine Santa sweaters, we’ll keep you in the loop.