It’s prime beach season here in Ontario, and that means a trip to Blue Lake Provincial Park is in order.

This park is renowned for its crystal clear waters and long sandy beaches, according to Ontario Parks.

The lake is described as “exceptionally clear” and as the name suggests, the water is a mesmerizing shade of blue.

A buoy line marks the swimming area so you and your family can splash around safely.

This park is also a paradise for camping and canoeing. Adventure seekers have a variety of hiking trails to choose from that range from easy 30-minute strolls to full-day treks.

There’s also a canoe route that takes 5-7 days to complete, with all kinds of wildlife and several sandy beaches to see.

“Blue Lake is an outstanding destination for all types of water activities,” says Ontario Parks.

While you’re there, you have to pay a visit to Blue Lake Crag, which is a towering rock face that stands at 25 metres high.

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On Friday, July 21st, you can pay a visit to Blue Lake Provincial Park for free!

Ontario Parks is bringing back its one-day celebration called Healthy Parks Healthy People.

On this day, there will be no charge for day-use visitation at all provincial parks, including Blue Lake.

Visitors will have the whole day to explore a new park, sample facilities, and make use of services.

You’ll have until 10 PM to enjoy the parks with the complimentary pass that you’ll be issued when you arrive.

Consider this a sign to pay a visit to this incredible park during this beautiful time of year!

Blue Lake Provincial Park

Where: 1722 ON-647, Vermilion Bay