It’s coming back! Free day use at Ontario Parks is returning this week to give everyone a chance to enjoy our province’s top nature destinations at no cost.

This Friday, Ontario Parks is bringing back its one-day celebration called Healthy Parks Healthy People.

On this day, there will be no charge for day-use visitation at all provincial parks (as long as they’re currently operating).

Visitors will have the whole day to explore a new park, sample facilities, and make use of services.

You’ll have until 10 PM to enjoy the parks with the complimentary pass that you’ll be issued when you arrive.

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The pass will grant you access to every nature amenity that the parks have to offer, from views to hikes to waterfalls and more.

However, it’s worth noting that you will still have to pay for facilities not included in day use, such as camping and equipment rentals.

Additional charges will also remain in effect at the swimming pools in Bronte Creek and Earl Rowe provincial parks.

With just one day of free entry to take advantage of, you may want to start planning your adventure in advance.

A canoe trip in Algonquin, a beach day at Sandbanks, a scenic hike at Petroglyphs? The options are endless!

Mark your calendars on Friday, July 21st, 2023! Heck, maybe even take a vacation day — for free day use at Ontario Parks, we’d say it’s worth it!