Let’s take a trip to nature’s playground! Grundy Lake Provincial Park is a spectacular destination in the Ontario wilderness that truly has it all.

As you explore the shoreline, the awe-inspiring scenery of towering cliffs and Precambrian bedrock will fill you with wonder.

According to Ontario Parks, these rocks were formed over one billion years ago deep beneath the earth’s crust.

They were shaped by wind, water, and glacial ice that sculpted the landscape over 14,000 years ago!

The best views of these ancient rock formations are from a canoe or kayak on the Gut Lake trail.

Imagine mountains as high as the Rockies once soaring on this land — according to geologists, that’s what existed here before it was worn down by glacial ice.

The movement of the Earth and glacial meltwater also formed the sparkling lakes that we enjoy today at Grundy Lake.

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There is even an island you can paddle to called Picnic Island, which is the perfect setting for exactly what the name suggests — a picnic.

The tall white pine trees, the loon calls, vistas of the Gurd Lake wetlands will make this an unforgettable experience.

Kids (and kids at heart) will love the natural slip n’ slide at this provincial park, aptly named Slippery Rock.

Ontario Parks says that this algae-coated rock is located on the right side of Red Maple Beach.

Not only is it a fun activity for visitors, but this rock also provides important nutrients for fish and other aquatic animals.

There are camping accommodations of all kinds here, including RV, car camping, and backcountry canoe-in sites.

As you can tell, this destination is an absolute gem for many reasons. Don’t wait ’til next summer to check it out!

Grundy Lake Provincial Park

Where: ON-522, Unorganized Centre Parry Sound District