Once upon a time, Friday night looked like microwave popcorn and a rented DVD. And while we’d usually go to bat for our Crave, Disney+ and Prime Video, there is nothing like grabbing a new release on a shelf of a movie rental store with old friends.

Luckily, for those in need of a familiar tomorrow, we’ve got BIG news because Blockbuster just hinted at a comeback and no, we’re not joking this time.

Remembered fondly by most millennials and their elders, Blockbuster was once a sacred place, but not long after we were all introduced to online streaming, their many locations all over North America were shut down.

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Only one (in Bend, Oregon) was left open and it’s since become a museum of sorts with sweet and salty snacks, dusty Blu-Rays and even merch.

Unsurprisingly, the last store is incredibly popular and with over 77k followers on Instagram, the company seems to have taken notice.

In fact, with many still buzzing about the business so many years later, some believe they’re finally gearing up to make a comeback.

Not only have they recently revived their website, they even posted a cryptic message hinting at a return.

“We are working on rewinding your movie,” they wrote, before ALSO taking joking on Twitter about their new business model.

As of right now, this is all of the information that they’ve released, but it might not be long until we’re able to check them out again in some capacity (whether that be in the form of a popup shop or online store.)

We don’t know for sure, but if Zellers can do it – why can’t Blockbuster?!

Until then, hold on tight Canada – because something big could be coming and no matter what it may be, we can almost guarantee that your DVD player is not ready.