Now, don’t get us wrong, we love having the entire cinematic world at our fingertips – but no feeling will compare to the one we got walking into a movie store on a Friday night.

Of course, in times of trouble – we’re certainly not the only ones who find ourselves recalling the early 2000s when skinny scarves and pucca shells were in and renting a PG-13 horror film on DVD was THE weekend treat.

For this reason, Blockbuster has announced a series of pop-up ‘experiences’ in Victoria, Vancouver, Toronto, Edmonton, Winnipeg, and Halifax – with Calgary set as lucky stop #1.

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Now, while this is the first of many across Canada, it won’t debut on this side of the border without a trial run.

Back in 2019 – right before the pandemic, the popular chain put the concept to the test in NYC – and to the surprise of no one, it was a massive hit

With fans coming from all over the country to get their hands on everything from Blockbuster-themed swag to VHS collectibles guests were once again able to browse the familiar snack section and even take photos – and this summer they’ll do it all again.


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Nearly 11 years after the doors shut on Canada’s last ever Blockbuster, the folks behind the LLC. will hold a two-week pop-up synonymous with the millennial childhood – and you won’t want to miss it.

Now, because things are bound to get a little bit crazy, time slots will be ticketed, so get ready and stay ready for when the website and sales go live next Thursday, April 7th at 10 am MST.

Talk about a throwback!

And on that note… Happy April Fools’ Day, Canada!