Happy Memorial Day weekend, Seattle! If you’re lucky enough to have a day off on the 29th you may just be looking for a thing or two to do. The weather is set to be warm and sunny so why not get yourself outside and enjoy our state? Here are 8 of the best things to do in Seattle this Memorial Day.

Check out a cool cave

As above, so below, Washington’s natural beauty isn’t just on the surface, it’s underground too. We’re lucky enough to have several caves that are open to the public either for free exploration or through tours.

Go on some spring hikes

Now that spring is almost over, why not treat yourself to some outdoor time? There’s plenty of hiking to be done in the PNW and lots of spring hikes are well worth doing. Of course, we compiled a list of our favorites for you.

Watch Fantastic Mr. Fox

Fantastic Mr. Fox is a delightful stop-motion film adapted from Roald Dahl’s book. The story follows a sly fox named Mr. Fox who steals from three nasty farmers, leading to a thrilling battle of wits. With stunning animation and a stellar cast, it’s a whimsical and entertaining adventure for all ages.

When: May 26th–May 31th
Where: 1411 21st Ave
Cost: $12

See if you know all of Seattle’s secret beaches

We all know Seattle’s popular beaches like Alki and Golden Gardens. But it turns out there are a ton of secret beaches, 140 of them to be exact. What’s more there might be one closer to you than you think. We have of course detailed how you can find out this *highly* secretive information thanks to a handy map.

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The Welcome: An Open Mic

Each Monday you can check out an open mic hosted by Evan Flory-Barnes. The open mic is welcome to singer/songwiters, instrumentalists, poets, thespians, emcees, comedians or any individual wanting to share something on the heart.

When: Mondays
Where: 4900 Rainier Ave S
Cost: Free/Varies

Northwest Folklife 2023

Seattle’s favorite spring festival is back and better than ever. Folklife returns with music, art, performance, dance, vendors, food, and more. It’s a springtime experience you simply can’t pass up.

When: May 26th-29th
Where: 305 Harrison St
Cost: Free/Varies

Memorial Day History Walking Tours

Learn about Seattle’s role in the civil war with a Memorial Day History Walking Tour. If you like learning about out city’s past or consider yourself a history buff, this is a great option for you.

When: May 27th-May 29th
Where: 1200 E Howe St
Cost: $25

Check out some sand dunes

Sure Washington may not seem like the likely place for sand dunes but it turns out that we do have a few. Whether you’re looking for an otherworldly oasis or a place to try out UTV’s, there’s a dune for you.

Have fun out there!