Seattle is a city built on and around the water. From our numerous lakes and creeks to Puget Sound, we have no shortage of beaches to check out. Some of course are more well-known than others and if you’re looking to beat crowds this summer or simply go somewhere new, we have a solution for you. That is Seattle’s Shoreline Street Ends.

The Shoreline Street Ends are dead-end streets where the roadway stops when it nears the water’s edge. Seattle happens to have hundreds of them with many being mini beaches and even nature preserves.

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There are more than 140 designated shoreline street ends protected for public use and enjoyment. Because there are so many and many don’t have names, SDOT created an interactive map that shows you all of the beaches. Each tag on the map tells you a little bit about what you can expect at the beach like shore access and shore material.

While there are many of these public access points it is important to be aware of any private property signs that may be nearby because many homeowners on the water do have private beaches.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to see what Seattle Street Ends have to offer.