Going out to eat isn’t always cheap, especially not in Toronto. An app, a drink, and a main will easily cost you over $30 at most restaurants in the city. But, that’s not the case at these delicious and affordable gems. These spots serve some of the best cheap food in Toronto β€” we’re talking $6 or less for a meal!

And if you’re like us, we absolutely LOVE a great deal – especially when it’s food.

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Whether you’re craving Vietnamese, Chinese, Italian, or classic comfort food, these 10 cheap restaurants in Toronto have you covered.

North of Brooklyn Pizzeria

This spot is among the best in the city for a quality slice and even notorious pizza critic Dave Portnoy agrees.

If you’re looking for a quick, cheap, and delicious bite, you can get a single slice for around $5. You can also get a six-piece order of garlic knots for $5.

Where: See locations here

La Chilaca Taqueria

This Kensington Market spot is known for its delicious variety of tacos, all of which are between $4 and $5 each, depending on how you place your order.

You can also get two tacos for a special price of $6, and a daily quesadilla or burrito combo with guac, chips, and a drink for $15.

Where: 214 Augusta Avenue

Juicy Dumpling

Enjoy the flavours of Shanghai for just a few bucks at Juicy Dumpling.

You can get a six-piece mini pork soup dumpling for just $2.99, a six-piece mini pan-fried soup dumpling for $3.99, and pan-fried juicy pork buns for $3.99, among many other cheap deals.

Where: 280 Spadina Ave

Super Point

Score some cheap and delicious pizza and pasta at this lively spot on the Ossington strip.

Their massive 18-inch pizzas start at $29 and trust us when we say you’ll have leftovers for days. Plus, you can get a single slice for less than $5 at the takeout counter.

Where: 184 Ossington Ave

Gale’s Snack Bar


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When it comes to affordable dining in Toronto, Gale’s Snack Bar is undefeated. The interior has remained unchanged since it opened over 40 years ago and the menu (including the prices) has hardly changed either.

The sandwiches are tasty and around $3 each, which you can purchase with cash only.

Where: 539 Eastern Ave

Java House


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This popular eatery is a staple of Queen West and for good reason.

The munchies are always tasty and the prices are right at just $5 for a classic grilled cheese or BLT sandwich, and grilled veg, tuna, or ham and cheddar sandwich for less than $6.

Where: 537 Queen St West

Jumbo Empanadas


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Kensington Market is where you’ll find this Chilean gem, the perfect spot for a cheap and delicious bite.

You can get a cheese jumbo empanada for just $2.50. The mini empanadas are also $2.50 each, along with some other tasty bites like the alfajores cookie sandwich.

For $6.50, you can get a jumbo stuffed with your choice of beef, chicken, or veggie, as well as tasty fresh veg and cheese.

Where: 245 Augusta Ave

Fresca Pizza & Pasta

You can cop a massive tasty slice of pizza at this Collge Street spot for around $5, and a hearty sausage or meatball Italian-style sandwich for $5.50, tomato sauce, cheese, jalapeno peppers, and onion.

For a couple of extra bucks, you can order a calzone, which is sure to fill you up for at least a few hours.

Where: 302 College St

Banh Mi Boys


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One of Toronto’s most popular spots for Vietnamese fusion is also a great spot for a cheap bite. Banh Mi Boys has a variety of steamed bao for $5 and tacos for $5.25, plus fries for $4.

Where: See locations here

Frankie’s Diner

This burger bar and casual diner on Queen West has some tasty eats at affordable prices, including the supersized hot dog for $5.95, and a fresh plate of pancakes, waffles, or french toast for $5.95.

Where: 994 Queen St West