If you love afternoon tea, this is for you. Historic Hotels Worldwide just released a list of the best afternoon tea experiences in the world, and one Toronto hotel made the cut.

With a collection of over 300 authentic historic hotels in over 46 countries to draw from, this is quite an accomplishment!

All of the hotels included in the list deliver excellence when it comes to atmosphere, authenticity, elegance, and quality.

The Top 25 Historic Hotels Worldwide Afternoon Tea Experiences list is a semi-annual ranking that gives travellers the inside scoop on the best places to immerse themselves in this Victorian British tradition.

Dating back to the mid-19th century, afternoon tea was created by the 7th Duchess of Bedford Anna Russell, who also happened to be Queen Victoria’s “Lady of the Bedchamber,” according to Historic Hotels Worldwide.

The Duchess apparently coined the new meal because she no longer wanted to wait so long between “luncheon and supper,” which we can definitely relate to.

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The historic hotels included in this ranking are located all over the map. There are also two other Canadian destinations included, both of which are in BC.

The one and only Ontario destination on the list is Toronto’s historic Omni King Edward Hotel.

Established in 1903, this hotel continues to be one of the finest luxury accommodations in the downtown core to this day.

“The Omni King Edward Hotel captures the spirit of the city’s old-world charm and vibrancy in a classic afternoon tea experience boasting a variety of delectable offerings,” says the ranking.

The hotel’s afternoon tea service has been attended by royals, including Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother.

Today, Omni King Edward serves an elegant afternoon tea on weekends and is especially popular during the festive season for its Nutcracker Afternoon Tea.

All of this talk about the best afternoon tea experiences in the world is making us want to feast on scones and finger sandwiches. Who’s in?!