A home that is supposed to be architect Arthur Erickson’s first-ever residential design has sold for $2.75M on Vancouver Island. Located in Comox, the home was once called ‘Canada’s Most Fabulous’ by Canadian Homes. Although, that was some 50-odd years ago.

canada's most fabulous

It’s named the Filberg House, after the son of the original owner. The home rests atop the highest point in the town, offering a stunning vista of the surrounding area and the ocean. Basically, it’s a bachelor pad built for parties. Pretty sweet location, too.

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And fortunately, it sits on 7 acres of land that includes 700 feet of waterfront. So, the property can easily be turned into an estate with multiple properties. In fact, past owners have down just that- there’s now another building with extra bedrooms, plus a 10-car garage.

canada's most fabulous

But, it’s also a historic piece of Canadian architecture from a celebrated architect. So, a few people are worried that the house could be irreparably changed by future owners. It’s kind of a weird hang up. On the one hand, it’s a house, but on the other, a number of people wouldn’t hesitate to call it art and try to protect the original look.

canada's most fabulous

We’re not trained enough in the philosophy of art to provide an answer. We’re going to stick with a non-famous house if we ever have the dough to buy it, though.

You can check out one of Canada’s most fabulous houses right here.